In 1960, its founder Kadir ÖZDAMARLAR started its activities with the supply of wholesale food and cleaning products. Özdamarlar A.Ş continued to grow with the second generation that took over the management of the company later on. It is the distributor of 17 companies in the food and cleaning sector and serves 1400 customers. OZDAMARLAR A.S. In addition to being a food and cleaning distributor, it has also made investments in agriculture and cleaning products sector. As ÖZDAMARLAR A.Ş, it has set out with the vision of a producing Turkey, and with the MAY brand, it has an annual production capacity of 35 million packs of wet wipes. It started production with its investment in.


As Özdamarlar A.Ş, we set out with the vision of a Turkey that produces our products in a better quality and healthier way. Increasing our capacity day by day with more professional works, providing employment to more people To support the personal development of our employees, to provide the consumer with quality healthy products.


Studies continue with the aim of bringing together, supplying and producing quality, healthy and suitable products with the consumers. We provide service in the sector with 35 vehicles and 45 personnel.


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